Part 2 of the story…

Then, one evening, he heard Mother Tree whisper to him, ‘Little Gnome, listen to me, there’s a secret stairway in my tree.  Find the door and climb up high, there is light for your lantern in the sky.”

Now as you may know, gnomes don’t usually like to climb up high. They always feel much safer on the ground. This is why gnomes love to live amongst the tree roots and rocks, or in caves or under mounds.  But Little Gnome knew he could always trust Mother Tree. Mother Tree carried the wisdom of the whole forest. Mother Tree was as wise as wise could be.

So Little Gnome looked around for a secret door. And to his surprise, right at the back of his home, hidden behind a knobbly old tree root, was a little door that he had never seen before. He opened it wide and saw tiny steps leading up from the ground… a staircase winding around and up and up and around.

The story continues at next stop…the tree to your right.

To begin the story go to the tree to your left.

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Trade your worries about upkeep and even some of your personal care worries for a vibrant, comfortable, and safe place to call home.

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