Story – Part One

A Light for Little Gnome’s Lantern

Susan Perrow © December 2020

Little Gnome lived alone in his cozy tree roots home. It had been a busy year. He always had so many things to do – making and baking, crafting and cleaning, dancing and singing.

But now Little Gnome had a problem, and he didn’t know what to do about it. Every night for many months he had been hanging a lantern in his window. Every night the lantern had shone it’s light out into the night, for all in the forest to see. But over time, the lantern had grown dimmer and dimmer – in fact it hardly had any light left to shine.

What was Little Gnome to do? How was he going to find a new light?

The story continues at the next stop…at the next tree to your right!

Soon this tree will be decorated by the volunteers at Perinton Ambulance – they have been very busy with rising COVID cases in our area!

Perinton Ambulance is dedicated to providing exceptional medical services delivered by a highly skilled, educated, and professional staff.

We will educate the community on our role in the response, treatment, and transport of the sick and injured as well as the prevention of injury and illness.

We will do this in a fiscally responsible manner as an integral component of the community.

The Perinton Ambulance 2020 Fundraising Drive is underway – consider donating!  Click here

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