Design Works Architecture

Our work helps our clients realize their dreams for a new building. We develop a story for that building which upon completion, brings delight to the senses and a lasting and rich imprint. To quote an unknown architect, “To build one’s house is to build a dream, an environment made to one’s measure, and to express one’s deep personality, a part of us that is normally invisible.”

Our efforts help our clients write joyful stories while doing our part to manage the numerous risks and identify the unknowns found in the building process. We attempt to follow the three Vitruvian principles of Architecture; firmness, commodity and delight. Firmness: meaning good structure, building better than code, focused construction support and reasonable maintenance. Commodity: meaning usability and flow, manageable construction costs, good indoor air quality, energy efficiency and universal design. And Delight: meaning recognition of site constraints and opportunities, curb appeal, integrated interior detailing and rich color story.