JMB Fitness LLC

Our Culture


We look to ignite the mind by sparking the body. Mindset being a fundamental and important piece in our culture. Breaking barriers by not only stimulating your frame but your brain with positive, inspiring thoughts. Rewiring old negative belief systems that will break you free with living your life of greatness, manifesting your dreams and unleashing your infinite potential. Keeping you motivated, confident & empowered!


We only get one, so one of our principles is being proactive not reactive and our team  creates a specific plan programmed and tailored to your needs, goals and current capabilities. Challenging & stimulating your body through our hybrid training system mixing traditional strength training with the latest in functional training to blossom the perfect prescription to make you feel strong, stable & flexible. Sculpting the physique you desire!


When you choose us, you join a fitness family. Through are Coaches/Personal Trainer’s We work all elements of your life to complete your life’s sphere. A gym that brings a upgraded you to deliver more value to your family, friends, profession, passions and most importantly yourself. Producing & maintaining results that will bring health, happiness & longevity to live a abundant life while being pain free. A life without limits as you deserve!