FairPour Coffee Roasters

One of the beautiful things about being in a strong community is the desire of the people to support local businesses. This support allows passion, creativity, innovation and true quality to be achieved and enjoyed by everyone!

In 2016 FairPour Café opened to the public and brought people together to share in the innovative and exciting techniques that are emerging in the specialty coffee space. For 3 years our team enjoyed working with local partners to provide excellent coffee, creative food items and an enticing atmosphere for our guests. In early 2019 we were able to follow another passion into the world of coffee roasting and changed our name to FairPour Coffee Roasters.

Now we are excitedly working on dialing in our craft and providing a coffee lineup that is both thoughtful and of the highest quality for our patrons to enjoy. We have also been able to utilize our production space to create another one of our emerging beverage passions: a new line of small-batch kombucha we have named FairBooch Kombucha.

We are so excited to share our craft with the community and whether you are pulling up a stool to enjoy a cup of coffee, or grabbing a cold FairBooch you can always count on getting a fair pour at FairPour!