White Haven Memorial Park

White Haven Memorial Park is not your ordinary cemetery.  With 180+ acres, White Haven offers a multitude of burial options with In-Ground Cremation plots starting at just $625 and Above-Ground Mausoleum property starting at just $950.

Traditional In-Ground Full Body and Cremation Plots.  Non-Traditional Mixed property Sections with Garden Pods, Flowering Trees, Ornamental Grasses and White Garden Arbors.  Veterans, Military, EMT and First Responders Section. Certified Green Burial for a Natural, Chemical Free, Cremation Free, Full Body burial section without costly vaults and caskets.  Nature Trails for cremation burials with wandering paths, water features, wooden swings and teak benches.  White Haven also offers a Jewish section and a Muslim Section on either side of our park.

There is no New York State Tax, and we offer interest free monthly payment plans.  Pre-Plan your burial property with us today!  It’s quick.  It’s easy.  It’s Peace-of-Mind.